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Sophie Noelle

Sophie Noelle



Sophie was born in September of 1999 and grew up in Central Florida, where she still resides.  In her first live performance, she performed the American National Anthem and Canadian National Anthem for the Tampa Bay Lightning, at age 8, in front of 19,000 people.  She never looked back!
At age 9, she had the privilege to open for a Blood, Sweat & Tears concert and sing for several professional sports teams in Florida.  
Sophie started learning the piano 10 years ago and is still taking lessons.  Hold Me Close is the first original song she composed with the piano.
At 12, she picked up her first guitar and started strumming.  She fell in love with the guitar and most of her original songs are written with her guitar.  During her live performances, she mainly accompanies herself with her guitar, with a few piano/keyboard songs sprinkled throughout the show.

Sophie is an up and coming singer/songwriter/musician who loves to sing while playing the guitar or the piano however, the guitar is her favorite when she is composing a new song.

In the past few years,

Sophie has written many songs. She recorded an EP in April at Omnisound Studios in Nashville. The CD and digital downloads  will be available worldwide June 1, 2017. However, you can listen to the songs below and purchase them
now from Reverbnation.  We hope you’ll enjoy:
“Grapevine, Texas”
“Hold Me Close”
“Ain’t Fallin’ Out” and
“Take It All Back”


While Sophie performs several genres of music, from Etta James to Cheap Tricks, she remains loyal to her true love: Country Music.  Sophie adds a little country flair to most songs she performs.

Sophie’s style of play and songwriting has been influenced by today’s female country stars, including Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, as well as some of Country Music’s legends: Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.






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