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Greg Fritsch

Greg Fritsch


Greg was born in a small Midwestern town, the youngest of seven. His
entire family was involved in music. Over the years Greg has played in
genres of music ranging from classical to metal. In the 90s he decided to
venture on his own and begin writing and performing his own style. Having
written or co-written at least 1000 pieces of music  with some success, and
a couple pieces after being picked up and recorded by other super
talented artist.

These  days Greg is more into time with his family, his beautiful wife
Kimberly and his talented daughter Olivia.  Greg is committed to living
life note by note and making each measure count in time. "It's time to see
the world and share the music with the people I love "

Greg still finds time for the promotions of other independent artist
around the world in creating contacts between them and great outlets for
their music, like Big time Radio and the Pat Stone show

Greg believes "Internet radio is the future of new music and all new
You can listen to Greg's music on reverb nation:
Remember you can tuna  piano but you can't tuna fish