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Big City Cowgirl is a songwriter, vocalist, and entertainer who was born on Long Island and raised in Brooklyn, New York. You might ask, how did a girl from New York develop a love and appreciation for Country Music? Her passion for Country Music was instilled in her through her mother, who has always been a huge Country Music fan. Big City Cowgirl grew up with it and has always had country music in her heart.

Big City Cowgirl states, “Country Music is meaningful. It is pure and real.” Her biggest desire is for her songs to resonate with people. “Music is empowering and I want to reach people on all levels. Nothing is more important than connecting with others. It will please me to know that I can touch even one person in a special way through my music.”

Big City Cowgirl has always had an intense connection to music. She notes that, “Music speaks to me. It is a dear friend. Writing songs is cathartic and gives me a voice for myself and others.” Her brand of music has its roots in all types of genres and she describes it as “honest” and “from the heart.”